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What is a Virtual Bookkeeper ?

A virtual bookkeeper is an independent bookkeeper who manages your business accounting, family trust or personal finances. They work from their own office and not the clients providing relevant accounting software and professional support to business owners and clients via fax, phone, mail, courier, e-mail, virtual servers and other internet based technology. We process your paperwork, print the reports and provide feedback on areas that may need attention. We will also notify you if there are any suspect transactions.
Most times the virtual bookkeeper has varied administrative skills and may be able to provide other business services such as:
  • Letter Writing
  • Desktop Publishing for your business brochures, business cards and flyers
  • Creating Forms for use in your business
  • Powerpoint Presentations
  • Excel Spreadsheets or Tables
Partnering with a virtual bookkeeper can support the business owner by decreasing the costs of:
  • Employing a permanent full-time or casual in-house bookkeeper
  • Providing the office space, desk, computer, telephone and other tools that a permanent employee would need to do their job. This office space can now be used for other profit making core operations.
  • Purchasing accounting software and then paying ongoing update fees
  • Providing ongoing training for your bookkeeper
  • Paying leave entitlement costs or having the inconvenience of an employee off for sick leave
With reduced costs your profits increase, cash flow improves and any stress felt can well be alleviated.
We are a professional team where 100% confidentiality is guaranteed. Anything you discuss with us is held in the strictest of confidence and you can rest easy that we always uphold high quality professional work standards. 
We customise your bookkeeping system for your business type so that the reports you receive are a complete, simple and easy to read overview of your business accounts. Having good record keeping practices with your information organised and up to date always makes any audit proceed much more smoothly than handing over a shoebox full of scattered paper.
If you have an accountant preparing your tax return at the end of the year, they will spend much less time reading your reports rather than trying to decipher your figures or shuffle through that shoebox, thus saving you even more money and time. 
What are the benefits of a virtual bookkeeper ?
There’s no need to provide your virtual bookkeeper with a computer or office space. No need to provide up to date bookkeeping software which means no annual subscriptions – no wages – no computer costs – no desks – no supervision – no initial or ongoing training needed. 

Hiring a Virtual Bookkeeper: 
  • eliminates administrative issues most times
  • regular backups of your data is maintained 
  • your business data records are kept in a safe, secure and confidential manner
  • no need to supply office furniture, equipment or amenities
  • no need to provide staff training or to pay the usual ongoing expenses of an employee such as superannuation,  holiday, sick, personal or long service leave
  • work that is completed timeously and efficiently

You could save thousands of dollars each year:

  • with no more accounting or software problems
  • no more backup worries
  • no headaches installing upgrades
  • no more computer hardware upgrades
  • no annual software update fees
  • no staff training or issues
Some of the tasks that a virtual bookkeeper can do for you
  • Sales Invoicing
  • Purchase Orders
  • Purchase Invoices
  • Reconcilliations of your cheque and credit card accounts
  • Employee Payroll and payslips
  • Keep track of your accounts receivables and accounts payable
  • Debt Collection 
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Annual Reporting
  • Inventory and Fixed Asset Management
  • Preparation of Management Reports
Software that we use
  • Quickbooks Accounting - Both Desktop and Hosted Online
  • Reckon Accounting
  • Quicken Home and Business
  • Intuit Quickbooks online 
  • MYOB Accounting
  • Great Plains
  • Accpac
  • EasyCars and EasyCash
What is a virtual bookkeeper? 



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