"Behind Your Business is Your Lifestyle"


Although "Your Lifestyle" is based in Logan City, Australia our services are available worldwide through the use of the internet, e-mail, cloud synching software and cloud accounting.

It is our belief that that by offering efficient service and establishing accurate processing and reporting systems that our clients will have more time to focus on the actual planning and running of their business. Thus they will have more time to spend doing what they really love doing while still knowing how well their business is doing financially.

Our clients currently include:

  • Auto Electrician 
  • Auto Accessory Fitment Centre
  • Business and Life Coaches
  • Clothing Wholesaler    
  • Commercial Cleaning Company  
  • Contracted Sales Representatives  
  • Electrician / Electrical Contractor    
  • Farmers    
  • Individual Real Estate Agents     
  • Market Retailer   
  • Migration Agent    
  • Motor Garage / Car Dealer   
  • Multi-Level Marketing Affilliates    
  • Online Winery Store    
  • Painters and Plumbers    
  • Personal Fitness Trainer    
  • Pool Accessories Retail Store    
  • Printer and Publisher of Mass Media     
  • Professional Marketing & Communications Consultants     
  • Radio Broadcasting Advertising Agency    
  • Real Estate Franchisee    
  • Research & Development Project Managers    
  • Residential and Commercial Landlords   
  • Restaurant, Café' and Coffee Shop    
  • Retail & Online Boutique Clothing Store    
  • Retail Shoe Store    
  • Swimming Pool Franchise Holder    
  • Water Blaster  

We even process the personal bookkeeping for some Accountants


No matter what your business, we are absolutely  sure we can be of service to you.


We can help your business to grow and prosper 

As a small business owner you are probably more aware of the many different jobs you have to do in any given day. You are expected to master all the skills that larger companies hire several different people to do. All those tasks can you keep you too busy to concentrate on the details - even critical details like bookkeeping. 
With all the things you have to do every day, where do you find the time to learn proper small business bookkeeping ? 
As with anything else, there's a right way and a wrong way to keep books. You could learn the double entry bookkeeping system, but do you really have the time ? 
Well you say " I'll just buy bookkeeping software" 
You could, if that is what you decide, I would recommend Quickbooks as it is the easiest to learn and use and if need help or wish to purchase a package, just give us a call. 
Once you learn how to use the software, where do you find the time to do your bookkeeping ? 
During your day at work you may be so busy that you need to work on your books later in the day or even after office hours. By that time, especially if you've had a busy day, you're most likely too exhausted. That means you may not be at your best and are most likely going to find the bookkeeping frustrating and open to making mistakes.  
Some people leave it to the weekend and that means missing out on valuable family time. So here is what I suggest. Save your frustration, save your valuable time and resources and let an bookkeeping expert do your bookkeeping for you. 
  • Take some time for you.  
  • Use your time to do the things you enjoy.  
  • I can handle your bookkeeping, quickly accurately and affordably. 
  • Call me crazy but I love working with numbers and have a good eye for detail. 
We have clients all over Australia, that's why I'm familiar with helping my clients over the phone or by e-mail. 
Your Lifestyle offers you: 
  • Experience - Been in business since the mid '80's and Virtual Bookkeeping since 1999
  • Helped 100's of clients in a variety of different businesses 
  • Expertise - Profiicient in all aspects of ACCPAC, Great Plains, Quickbooks, Reckon, Intuit and MYOB 
  • Accuracy - We pride ourselves on accurate bookkeeping and properly balanced accounts 
  • Affordability - Because we are a virtual office our overheads are low and I pass these savings on to you 
  • Partnership - I enjoy developing relationships with my clients. 
  • It gives us satisfaction helping my clients succeed, prosper and grow their business. 
As part of our goal to develop partnerships with our clients, we offer business coaching to create strategies that help your business prosper and grow. 
We will help you:  
  • plan and project your upcoming month 
  • steer your business financially 
  • weather financial storms 
  • plan to stay in business for the long haul 
  • Design your business to match your ideal Lifestyle 
  • Virtual Bookkeeper
    A virtual bookkeeper is an independent bookkeeper who works from their own office and not the clients. They provide relevant accounting software and professional support to business owners and clients via fax, phone, mail, courier, e-mail, virtual servers and other internet based technology. We process the paperwork, print the reports and provide feedback on areas that may need attention.
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Virtual Bookkeeper

 We offer personal, caring and efficient service, always considering that your business is even more important than our own !


We can relieve the financial stress between couples working in business together.


"Thank you so much for perservering with the outstanding customer invoices ! I really thought they had been paid and I definitely appreciated them finally being settled.

Thanks Cathryn"